03 avril 2023 14 avril 2023

« Only the core remains when all unnecessary is gone. »

We want to strip away all layers that clothe the core essence of Tango, to reveal its essence.

Is the identity of Tango linked to a (specific, coded and historical) music? Can it be coupled non-musical sounds instead?
Is the ingrained gender and role play necessary? Are Male and Female energies free or to be found only within certain bodies?
How deeply are the well-known exterior esthetical elements (colours, outfits, expressions etc.) linked to the Tango?
Can it be danced by just one person? Can it be danced without arms or legs?

We will undertake a deep dive, in the quest of examine what remains of the Tango concept after the cultural, personal and habitual shells are removed.
In most minds this dance is intrinsically linked to Argentina and fixed moment in time, a typical picture and so many cliches. However, its raw and pristine core belongs to whom feels its longing.


Lavinia (Italian) and Chiche Núñez (Argenitinian) are performers in the field of Tango Argentino living in Germany.  The regularly teach and perform in Germany, Italy, France and other European countries. The acclaimed film documentation « Con El Tango » shows the story of Chiche and his former partner Ester Duarte and their artistic journey within Tango.

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