The activities

The artistic residences

Sheltered by the castle walls and the freedom provided by its surroundings, artists are invited to meet each other in order to re-source their art and give birth to new projects.

Around 150 artists are welcome every year for a given time lasting between ten days and several months focused on a project or according to their needs, to allow them to lose track and to find their way again, facing the unknown with all the demands involved.

How to apply for an artist residency?

Public events

End of residency

According to work progress public presentation sessions are organised.
They involve an exchange between the artist and the public when spectators are invited to give their response, their impressions, their ideas to nurture the work of the artist and become aware of the true meaning of their presence.

The Rencontres de Monthelon

This three-days summer event has been taking place since 2005 and welcomes around a thousand people for the Rencontres when artists from the Association meet the artists in residence from the previous year.

It is an opportunity for the public to discover new shows but also performances, installations and improvisations in a welcoming place with food and drinks available.
Thanks to the Association the Rencontres take a different form every year.

See the previous Rencontres de Monthelon

Local cultural action

Monthelon Castle establishes partnership in the area to share its resources with locals, children, the elderly, sick or handicapped people, and even prisoners.

International cooperation

Every year Monthelon Castle welcome more than 40% foreign artists and numerous informal connections exist throughout the world.
To develop these connections institutional partnerships have been created.

In Chili: Maule region and circus school Pala Espacio Creativo from Linarès.
In Denmark: The Aarhus Filmværksted, foundation to promote independent cinema.