01 avril 2019 11 avril 2019

Eeva Juutinen, danseuse et David Shaw, musicien, travaillent sur un solo de danse qui porte une réflexion sur l’influence de notre environnement sur notre corps et notamment par rapport aux différentes informations que nous recevons par les médias.

In English :


By being aware of how our bodies receive information through media and our senses and and in environments like streets, cities and shops can we find new ways and possibilities of being in the world? Possibilities and ways that are not demanded of and imposed on us by capitalist system?
Instead of finding new ways to move we focus on ’moving by being’, by being affected and being moved by something, consciously and unconsciously.
Inspired by books of Alva Noe and somatic movement practises.

Choreography, performance: Eeva Juutinen

Sound design and collaborator: David Shaw

Residencies: De School Van Gaasbeek, Chateau Du Monthelon, Routa Company, Buda Art Centre
Supported by: Arts Promotion Centre Finland