5 Workspaces

The workspaces are made up of five differents volumes offering multiple possibilities for artistic reflection and experimentation. Tecnhically, these different rooms are all summarily equipped. They are not all heated, so their use is dependent on the seasons. In addition, there is a carpentry workshop and large outdoor spaces that can accomodate all sorts of mobile structures (circus tents, gantries, etc.).

Grande salle: 19m x 6m70; height 7m (see plan)
Salle de danse: 12m x 5m50; min height 2m max height 4m
Blackbox: 15m x 7m50; height 5m. 100% black, available from April to October.
Atelier:6m x 8m ; height 3m
Salle de musique

4 Collective spaces

The quality of the welcome is central to the project of Monthelon. Numerous common areas are designed to encourage people to live together, to meet and exchange ideas among the residents:

  • the kitchen, masterfully and professionally equipped, is the heart of the place where artists, teams and people passing through meet and mingle.
  • the large living room, divided into two areas, includes sofas, a collective table, a bar area and a professional quality grand piano.
  • the shared library offers everyone the oppotunity to donate a book, thus consituting a specialized collection that can be consulted by all. This space, equipped with Wifi, also serves as an administrative workspace for the teams in residence. See the books.
  • the immense outdoor spaces of the Château de Monthelon open up a unique view of the Serein valley. They offer calm and serenity to artists seeking to take the time for their research.

25 Lodgings

7 rooms
1 dormitory
1 studio
3 trailers
-> this volume is dependent on the seasons.