Becoming a resident

To support artistic research research and the beginnings of creation, the Château de Monthelon provides work and accommodation spaces as well as a sense of welcome and guidance.

Our philosophy is to propose to artists a new temporality of creation, as a parenthesis out of time and against the unbridled race for artictic creation and production. Residency tima allows those who gather around a project, a desire or need to get lost and find themselves again, to confront time with all the demands it implies, to build and think about their artistic practice.

Each year Monthelon hosts 50 artistic residencies, basing its artistoc project on these principles:

Monthelon places the artist at the center of his attention and defends the need to consider art as a field of research and experimentation. This philosophy at the service of artists allows them to find a place and a time for that stage of their work that is so fundamental that is “upstream from upstream”.
Historically and still today mainly oriented towards contemporary circus, Monthelon is a multidisciplinary place: we therefore also welcome theatre, dance, music, visual arts…
Monthelon defends contemporary writing and plural dramaturgy.
From regional to international
Monthelon welcomes nearly 150 artists each year, 40% of whom are international, and cultivates many informal links throughout the world. We are particularly attentive to international as well as regional projects.
For and by artists
The artists delegation is carried out by artists working at the heart of the contemporary creation and who are, therefore, able to identify the singularity of the proposals, especially emerging ones.


– Professional artists only
– Projects at the beginning of creation, work in progress (work spaces equipped very summarily)
– Minimum duration of 10 days
– Limited accommodation in winter
– Transport and food costs to be borne by the artists
– The use of the heating in the Great Hall in winter is charged 25 euros/day.
– The projects are selected by Cille Lansade.

You can discover the different workspaces available here.

To apply to a residency in Monthelon Castle


“Well, we know, it’s not necessarily fun to fill out a form. How could we reduce an artist’s path to a few stacked boxes of hollow appearances? Shouldn’t we have the lyrical or Dadaist space of an epistolary exchange between Francis Picabia and Tristan Tzara? Or on the contrary the impermanence of a poem written in the sand one seriously nostalgic evening in « La Grande Motte » ?

Well no !

You are asked to complete this form. Yes.

It is simple, fast, there is no trap, it is written with big letters, the boxes are flexible and above all it makes our life admirably easier. But also, don’t forget that Monthelon is a space for research and experimentation. So, concerning the elements to download, we are not expecting a document which presents in detail your entire work but the (possibly informal) sharing of your reflection, your approach and your aesthetic universe.

Thank you for your understanding.”

Cille Lansade

Currently, the residences commission is studying the requests received for the 2nd semester of 2022. If you have made a request for this period, you will receive an answer in April. Be patient !


Are you looking for a residency for the first semester of 2023?
You can apply to join the Château de Monthelon via this form.

You have until July 31, 2022 to apply.

For any residency in the second half of 2023, i.e. between September and December, applications will open on October 3, 2022 and close on January 31, 2023.

Finally, if you are looking for a residency for 2024 or 2025, you can pre-submit an application here.