AUF (mediale) LÜCKE

May 15, 2017 May 28, 2017

The company DOSSIER 3-D-Poetry is composed of Marion Dieterle, Ralf Freudenberger, Anne Hirth and Florian Patschovskyest. They came to Monthelon to work on a project named AUF (mediale) LÜCKE, a performance of Marion Dieterle, dancer. In this work, she questions our perception of reality.

The artist’s website.

“A woman on stage. This is Marion. There is Cliff. He left two years ago. She has a dog. The new creation of DOSSIER 3-D-Poetry plays with fiction, truth and potential truth. How can we manipulate the perception of a person or a situation? Does it matter if a woman is a mother, if she has no work, if she can see the palm trees from her window or where she grew up? What do we believe, what do we assume through fragments of information? There is always the potential for manipulating the way we look at things. A dangerous phenomena in a digital world that interests us. We want to steal tools from filmmaking and explore them on stage and with dance.”
Marion Dieterle