Adorables 2

October 23, 2017 October 31, 2017

Laura Pietiläinen followed by Lauri Mattila worked on a performance about creating links between people.

« I do dance performances in my soul figure called Michaela-The queen of Fucking Everything. In this year I have been doing all together seven performances in seven different energies with different musicians, fashion designers, jewellery maker and perfume maker Ayin de Sela. In Monthélon I did performance in energy called Essential (rebirth, Phoenix rising, essence, core, source, nature, mystery). We made it as a duet together with perfume maker and artist Ayin de Sela. We also worked together with performance artist Lauri Mattila. We have done Adorables 1 in Finland year 2013 and now we did Adorables 2 in Monthélon. It was strange, sexy, cute, innocent show from finnish crazy couple Lauri&Laura. »
Lauri Pietiläinen